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My brain is full

Okay, so training in a martial arts sword school that's over 400 years old[1] is pretty cool. The disadvantage? There's just so much to learn @_@ This week was our annual "let's bring the headmaster of the school out and have him teach us for a week" seminar. So in addition to doing the usual critiques of our techniques and how to make ourselves better, he also dumped a bunch of new stuff on us. And when I say it was a lot of stuff, I really mean it. It was spread out over three morning sessions. Fortunately, we hit upon the great idea of recording him on video this time around. Thank goodness too because I already forgot almost everything he showed us yesterday ^^;;;

So yeah, in case you were wondering were all the software updates for my stuff is, that's why. It's been a busy week.

[1] in case you're interested.

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