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Well, I'm finally catching my breath after a busy week for my kyudo seminar which was followed by a busy week for Comic-Con @_@ Anyway, Comic-Con was a lot of fun. I got to see a lot of people that I wanted to see (Penny Arcade, Red vs. Blue, the Flight artists, Dan Piraro, xkcd, Wondermark, and more!) and we somehow made it into the Battlestar Galactica panel (we camped out in the room for 6 hours). More sketches for our Comic-Con sketch book were collected too. I should post some pictures from that thing some day.

The next big thing for me is my Suio-ryu iaido seminar coming up in... *checks calendar* Sweet Georgia Brown! It's in a week! Okay... well ,time to see how much work I can get done before that hits.


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