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Wherein I describe the current state of my projects

Version 1.0 of Photo Grabbr has been released and already, I got a feature list the length of my arm for it based on comments from users. So far, I've added some filtering options to downloading all photos and fixed some cosmetic bugs. After that, I'll be adding the following over the next couple releases:

  • Automatically downloading the next largest size available if the one set in the preferences is not available.
  • Expanding the troubleshooting section more to include situations I've been helping people with.
  • Downloading from Flickr groups.
  • Searching for photos via tags and maybe some other options.

So with Photo Grabbr out the door, I can turn my attention back to a couple other projects that I have on the burner: rewriting Chemical Bonds and a remake of an old SNES game I started a long time ago (to be revealed once I get more of it done). My experiments in using Python for these projects didn't quite pan out (which makes me sad because I actually like Python...) so I'm back to using C++ for them now. Fortunately, I know a lot more about OpenGL and OpenAL than I did back then so things should go much smoother now.

Lastly, I just got hold of the iPhone SDK so I may put things on hold for a bit while I play around with the SDK and see what cool things it can do.
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